BPOaccess’s goal is simply to bring you, the licensed agent, the most recent updates for learning and getting access to bank BPO business.

The hope is that while you grow and learn, you can provide assistance to others, via the forum (coming soon).

** Its BPOaccess’ firm belief that the time to get started is when the market it tight. Get in the door now before the economy slows, before every other agent realizes something is wrong! 


Having access to the “direct links” to register for many of the servicer’s will speed up your registration process. This alone should save hours upon hours of search time. Yes, there are old list available on the internet, but the vast majority of companies are no longer in the business. This is a time killer!

Don’t waste your time and attempt do all the research alone.


Via input from you the registered Silver and Gold Members, we plan to have real time updates to what’s happening in the BPO market. You can be a part of helping others.


Hello my name is Don Miller and its a delight to meet you!

Here is a quick back story on me…

I came about BPOaccess a little different then many would guess. I didn’t start out doing BPO’s or REO’s or even traditional real estate brokerage for that matter. So here’s the story…

Having been an investor, primarily single family rentals since the mid-80’s to build passive income for financial security to prepare for the inevitable sudden ending of my career. My previous career was dangerous! You can read more about me HERE  (just realize some of the information is “spoofs” on the election of President Trump – but the spoof is on ME and no one else – so don’t be offended or read anything nefarious into it, it’s meant to be fun)

I purchased BPOaccess back in 2012 with a handful of other sites, from a real estate agent in California thinking I’d have time to do something with them. I failed miserably and as you can see; I’ve finally had an opportunity to significantly update the site.

I became a licensed real estate agent back in 2003, a broker in 2008 and occasionally will move my primary brokers license to larger firms depending on what I’m currently doing. I am the “Broker of Record” for a regional property management company called Rentwell in Maryland. I am now associated the eXp Realty as an Associate Broker.

Contact me via this FORM to learn more why I think it’s a great business decision to understand more about eXp Realty or you if want to consider a Rentwell affiliation opportunity for your area (Brokers only).

I know have two licensed agents that will be moving their licenses over to eXp Realty with me that are very involved in the BPO side of the business.

BPOaccess is way for you to learn as I learn. It’s a huge business all over the U.S., and one day when the economy slows, will get much larger.

Make 2018 a great year for you, your family and your family!